Sometimes Blessings Come Twice


Spring is my favorite season.  I love the temperature, the flowers, and the bursts of new life that can be found everywhere.  A few weeks ago I was sitting in my dorm room in Ohio talking with my mom, feeling the warm spring air when she mentioned that it was snowing back home in Minnesota.

Sure enough my Facebook news feed was filled with pictures of traffic and yards covered with snow.  I made sure to pack a few winter clothes before setting off for home.  As we drove back, there were still patches of snow covering the grass next to the roads.

Although I was not to happy to leave the beautiful tulips and flowering trees of Ohio to return to cold snow, I realized that I was going to get to experience Spring not once, but twice this year.  What a blessing!

As I look outside my window now, there is no snow.  The sun is shining.  The trees are starting to bud and the flowers are starting to peek up out of the dirt.

Sometimes we get to see beautiful things twice.  Sometimes we get to experience them even more than that.

What are some beautiful things you have gotten to experience more than once?  What is God doing around you today that you can take part in and enjoy?

Have a blessed Spring!


1 Chronicles 16:34

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.


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    • Did I ever tell you about the time this happened to me? I love, love, love spring. Well I was feeling rather sad when we had to leave our first parsonage in southern Illinois because for the first time (the tulips I had planted the year before) we had beautiful tulips besides our home!! We arrived at our new parsonage in northern Nebraska on April 1st in the midst of a snow storm….no signs of spring anywhere. Then a few weeks later, tulips appeared by the side of our new dwelling place. God blessed me two times that year with spring. I have never forgotten that year of “changes” in 1987.

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